How to Prevent Winter Plumbing Problems at Home

Winter brings many potential issues for your home – like freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls. So if you’re a homeowner, consider the following tips to protect your house and your family from some of the most common winter problems:

Clean your chimney. Almost nothing beats sitting around your fireplace with your family during those cold winter nights. From water damage during snowstorms to air pressure problems, there are several reasons why it’s important to clean your chimney. With that being said, be sure to schedule a chimney sweep and inspection sometime this month so that you’re in the clear and prepared for unexpected storms next season!

Cut tree limbs. Another way you can prevent troubles at home this winter is to protect your roof from severe damage. For example, when a blizzard hits and snow accumulates on the tree limbs in your yard, the last thing you want is for branches to come crashing down. To make sure your roof (and your home) is protected from tree damage, look for any limbs that pose a possible threat and have them removed.

Vacuum regularly. Winter often brings pesky insects, like ants. And nothing attracts them more than trails of crumbs. So take action now by making sure you vacuum and sweep your floors as much as possible – you’ll be glad you did when you hear a neighbor mention a similar issue!

Check for pipe insulation. One of the most common winter issues that can occur at home is frozen pipes. To prevent your pipes from freezing before, be sure that they are properly insulated. Ask your local plumber to check for holes and cracks, and install a foam-rubber pipe insulation to protect the pipes that are more exposed to the outdoors.

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